Medicinal Cannabinoids

Medicinal cannabis products are regulated as controlled drugs in  New Zealand.

Medicinal Cannabinoids are safer than illicit cannabis due to the medical grade of the product resulting in a consistent dose of active ingredient each time.

In New Zealand medicines must be registered with MedSafe, part of the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Some medicines can enter in Under Section 29 ( unlicenced with Medsafe). These are supplied on a name patient basis. Your doctor must explain the risks versus benefits to you. All medicine is non-funded by the government.

You will need a prescription from your NZ doctor to be able to obtain CBD products. The doctor must prescribe by brand. These are not interchangeable.

You will need a Controlled Drug prescription form (triple form) to be able to order medicines that contain THC. The doctor must order by brand. These are not interchangeable.

This item is ordered when the prescription is received and we have received payment.

Get your doctor to give us a call on what your options are. Formulations include CBD oils, CBD cream and a CBD topical roll on gel.

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